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Sell A Tablet


Go and compare the other sites and we'll beat their prices  (AND THATS A PROMISE)

Our service allows you to get CASH for your unwanted Tablets by bringing it to us or sending it to us in the post.
If you have an unwanted Apple Ipad Tablet, Samsung Tablet, Hp Tablet, Sony Tablet or Kindle, we will accept multiple items from you and remember that we will pay the best prices.
Sending your tablet through our courier service is now FREE. However you can also arrange postage yourself and by sending proof of postage, we will refund you the cost and pay you £5 on top of your postage fees for your troubles. Also if you live local to our shop we will give you instant cash for your items that you bring in to us.

Please remember to wrap your tablet its original box or some kind of bubble wrap to keep it safe when your sending it.
Your choice of payment; you can be paid via paypal, check bankers draft or if you can come to us we will give us instant cash.


Why tablets price's are coming down.

It seems that since the launch of the Apple Ipad the tablet market has grown with Apple having the dominant share, but for how much longer as it faces real competion from the like's of Samsung, Amazon and Google. This is what happened in the smart phone war, as Apple keeps its high price and Samsung is now the number seller of smart phones. Now Apple are still number one but with android tablets popping up everywhere; not to mention the Nexus, Asus and the rest of the chasing pack. It can only mean one thing and that is that it is better to choose a lower price for the consumer.

Sell a tablet is a great way for you to sell your tablet if need to free up some money or if you need some instant cash. You can even come to our store for instant cash. Unfortunately, like cars and most other consumables, the day you buy them they loose a lot of their value and it seems we are always upgrading to newer faster tablets, so why not trade yours in for some extra cash.
Before you send your tablet; a lot of companies give instant quotes and this can be a really helpful way of valueing your tablet. Make sure you read the reviews of the company you choose to send your tablet to as some unscrupulous ones say one price but give you another.

When you have decided to sell your tablet, there are a few things to take into account. Firstly, like all businesses there are the good and the bad, so please read on. The most important is protecting your personal information, so it is of the utmost importance to choose a company that will professionally remove all your valuable information from the hard drive by destroying all the data and refurbishing it. At Sell a Tablet, we erase all information as soon as we receive the tablet, so you have no need to worry.
Remember, whoever you decide to sell your tabet to, make sure you pack it securely .

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